Introduction Size
Zig-zag main grooves on shoulder adopting multi-direction groove shape design can give driving ability at various angles, and also offer motorists trustworthiness for safety.
Concave-shaped shoulder design is easy to clasp grave and clods on rugged roads, and further improve driving and cornering ability on rough roads.
Gradually-opened sub groove design can promote gravel ejection smoothly while cornering, and prevent the accumulation of gravel and clods.


Shoulder blocks connected with bars can reinforce their stiffness, help to improve maneuverability on rough roads and effectively lower the shaking noises caused by severe block deformation.  
While driving on rough roads, broad contact patch can generate mighty friction and make motorists easy to conquer various rugged roads. And reinforced shoulder block stiffness can improve tire cornering and handling ability substantially.
Unique wear-resistant compound can extend tread life.
Dimension Data
Size Load Index Speed Index Rim Width(inch) OD(mm) SW(mm) RRC Wet Grip Noise Value(dB) Noice Class
P295/50R15 108(OW) S 9.5 677 309        
275/60R16 109(OW) S 8.0 736 279        
285/65R17 116(OW) S 8.5 802 292        
275/65R17 115(OW) S 8.0 790 279        
255/65R16 110(OW) S 7.5 738 260        
255/70R16 111(OW) S 7.5 764 260        
245/70R16 111(OW) S 7.0 750 248        
235/70R16 106(OW) T 7.0 736 240        
215/70R16 100(OW) T 6.5 708 221        
205/70R15 96(OW) T 6.0 669 209        
235/75R15 105(OW) S 6.5 733 235        
215/80R15 102(OW) S 6.0 725 216        
LT265/75R16 123/120(OW) R 7.5 804 267